1992 Porsche Carrera - Pt.1

I bought the car sight unseen and without pre purchase inspection because, these days, if you see a 911 you need to act FAST.

This car in particular is a Carrera 2, Manual gearbox with Slate grey exterior over blue interior: I think the colors are really cool!

It's one of the late models (you can tell by the aero mirrors) that had the engine design revised with head gasket for reliability purposes: as a matter of fact it has 162,000 miles.  Straight body, a couple of minor accidents in the past but nothing too bad, it's ready to be customized! 


Upon Delivery

The exterior is pretty rough and while it will not need a full repaint it will need some fixing...I counted 19 dings! It also has had 14 winters in Colorado weather on its shoulders so there is some rust on the rear of the windshield.

The rear tailights are all cracked, possibly from a rear bumper accident. 

The engine leaks! the front cooler leaks! Everything leaks! Actually the windows do not as I have driven it in the rain (scary). It drives fine but I have some concern on the oil pressure as it seems low for what it should be. I put roughly 500 miles on it so far and it is unbelievable how well built these cars are and how well they can sustain the abuse!

The good news: the clutch and steering rack were replaced last year!

The bad news: 4th gear grinds a bit.

The very good news: I can't wait to put my hands on it!